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Alfa Laval – Valve


Ideal for handling sanitary process flows through matrix piping systems, SMP mixproof valves are standardized, cost-effective alternatives to Unique mixproof valves.

SMP-BCA mixproof valve

Alfa Laval SMP-BCA Mixproof Valve

SMP-BCA is an aseptic double seat valve with PTFE diaphragm.

It is available as a stop- or divert valve. The valve is suited for aseptic operating conditions such as high sterilisation temperatures. SMP-BCA is specially designed for aseptic applications with the highest hygienic demands.

SMP-BC mixproof valve

Alfa Laval SMP-BC Mixproof Valve

SMP-BC is a sanitary pneumatic seat valve, designed for safety and leak detection when two different products flow through only one valve. The valve is often used as a part in CIP return lines or other systems not experiencing pressure spikes offering leakage detection for greater safety.

Alfa Laval Unique Tank Outlet is the choice for standard installations. Seat lift during normal cleaning procedures cleans the plugs and seats. A balanced plug protects against water hammer when closing in the direction of product flow.

Alfa Laval Unique Tank Outlet with external cleaning meets the highest hygienic demands for applications with sticky products, products with high content of solids or applications that require close-to-aseptic conditions. It features SpiralClean and plugs that lift independently to ensure thorough cleaning of the plugs, seats and corresponding pipe.

Alfa Laval Unique SSV Valve

(standard configuration)

As the world’s most widely used single seat valves, the Alfa Laval shut-off and changeover configurations are employed for a broad spectrum of different processing duties.

Alfa Laval Unique SSV Aseptic Valve

A one-piece diaphragm provides hermetic sealing against intrusion from the atmosphere, ensuring full protection against the effects of micro-organisms during processing.

The special diaphragm can also be used with other Alfa Laval Unique SSV units – including standard, tangential, two-step and tank outlet valve configurations – where aseptic processing is crucial.