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JEC Pump – JRZL Features


The JEC range of rotary pumps comprises a number of different pump types-each one is state-of-the art within its specific application area. The pumps can be fitted with a variety of features to adapt to specific pumping tasks.

In addition, it is possible to customize the pumps for optimum function or performance in relation to the job at hand.

Hygienic Design

JEC pumps offer a number of features that maximizes cleanability in order to provide a perfect CIP.

ZL series have been certified in accordance with EHEDG standards and are authorized to carry the 3-A symbol.

Unique Seal Type

Front Loading Seal provides faster maintenance, easier cleaning and less downtime. All seal options O-ring seal, PTFE lip-seal, Flushing seal are designed for quick and simple retrofit.

Upgraded CIP

Minimized product contact area at only 3mm between seal rings and case-profiled front cover O-ring positioned 0.5mm inside rotor case enable CIP performance do perfectly under any circumstances.

Bi-wing Rotor

A low-slip bi-wing rotor maintains efficiency even on low viscosity products and gentle movement of delicate products; simple timing to reduce maintenance and minimize the potential for rotor-to-rotor contact.

Stainless Steel Gear Box

Standard stainless steel gearbox made from precision casting (Lost Wax) offers paint free, rust free and long last durability, therefore yields high life time value.

Helical Timing Gears

The pump rotors are driven gently at less vibration and extended of pump efficiency and seal lifetime by a high- precision ground helical gear even under high speed and discharge pressure.

Advanced Bearing Design

Heavy – duty taper roller bearing and torque locking system allows stable operation under severe condition of high discharge pressure and provideseasymaintenance.

Universal Mounting

To allow high flexibility when fitting the pump into a production line, pumps can be mounted with top/bottom shaft drive, vertical/horizontal In-outlet and feet upward.