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TAPTONE – Centro Flex Rejector

TapTone Segment8 Rejector Technical Specs

TapTone’s Segment8 Rejector provides reliable standing rejection or product diversion at speeds up to 800 containers per minute or 48 thousand per hour. Designed for tight production spaces, this system is floor mounted and is wash down safe. The adjustable stroke length, 0–5 in (0- 12.7 cm), will accommodate rigid containers made of glass, plastic, or metal. The Segment8 rejector is also offered in our SOLO model, which has all the same features as the standard Segment8 rejector but includes a controller for operation independent of TapTone inspection equipment.

TapTone Segment8 Rejector Technical Specs

How it Works – When a reject signal is received, a solenoid is actuated, allowing air to extend the ram, which guides the faulty container off of the production line. The length of time the segment is extended is a function of the duration of the reject signal. When the signal ceases, the segment(s) are returned to their home or retracted position.

The TapTone Segment8 rejector can be added to any T550 or Pro Series user interface controlled systems. Contact our sales department or your local agent to find out more.