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JEC Pump – JRZL Series Lobe Pump


You can always be sure of the greatest possible hygiene.

ZL series are designed for broad applications spectrum covering dairy, food,beverages,pharmaceuticals,cosmetics,bakery,detergent,liquor,chemical industries and LCD/PDP manufacturingetc. They are designed specifically for conveying fluids in the low to high viscosity range with gentle product handling.

With high grade 0.6 Ra surface finish, unique seal and casing design , ZL series are suitable for Cleaning In Place (CIP) and offer exceptional levels of hygiene.

Wetted parts are made of SS 316 (optional : SS 316L)

Our broad range of seal options such as mechanical seal, O-ring seal and Lip seal provides optimal solution for your need and application.

Optimal CIP is realized with O-ring position which minimizes dead-end between front cover and casing.

JEC’s various rotors geometry (single wing, bi-wing, bi-lobe, tri-lobe, multi-lobe, helical-lobe, spur gear) provides utmost operating economy.

A variety of connection options are available such as SMS, RJT, DIN, ISO, Tri-Clamp and Flanges.

Thermal Jacket Pumps

Designed for products that require temperature control such as sugars, chocolate, con syrup and brewer’s yeast with easy attachment to pump front cover or casing.

Rectangular Inlet

Enlarged rectangular inlet allows highly viscous products such as semi-solid pastes or mixtures containing semi-solid pieces to be pumped.

Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve protects the system from pressure peaks or restrictions in the discharge, providing a pressure relief valve loop from discharge to the suction areas.

Ultra Clean Pumps

Fully self-draining pump head and external rotor fixing can eliminate any contaminations and internal crevices, and match to sterile pharmaceuticals, ultra-hygienic food processing, aseptic manufacturing, which need “the best clean”.