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JEC Pump – Truck Pump



JTP series hailed as the best truck pump in the world.

JTP series provide higher capacity, higher pressure, and unmatched efficiency on a variety of viscosities enabling faster unloading and loading.

Optimal hygienic construction is realized with profiled gasket system , high grade 0.6 Ra surface finish and minimized dead-end seal area.

Wetted parts are made of SS 316 (optional: SS 316L)

Front Loading Seal makes faster and easier maintenance without removing the rotor housing.

JTP series have light body , high efficiency and saving fuel consumption than other truck pumps.

Female drive shaft accepts direct-coupled SAE B or C flanged hydraulic motors as an alternative to the standard PTO male shaft (JTP330 series only).



JRZW series are the best choice for winemaking process.

During red winemaking process, 4~5days fermentation and 30~40 days maceration is needed.

The process of fermentation in wine is the catalyst function that turns grape juice into an alcoholic beverage and maceration is the main winemaking process by which the red wine receives its red color, since 99% of all grape juice is clear-grayish in color by pumping wine out from under and over onto the top.

ZW series are specially designed for red winemaking process in order to provide the top quality wine and the best efficiency for wine maker.

Since ZW series rotors are made of PE, pumps are safe from galling by grape skins, seeds and stems.

Heli-lobe rotors are standard , optionally bi-lobe.

Standard stainless steel gear box made from precision casting offers paint free, rust free and long last durability and therefore yields high lifetime value.

Specially designed triple lip seal provides faster maintenance, reliable sealing and an extended seal lifetime.

ZW series can adapt Front Loading Seal same as ZL series which have been certified of EHEDG and 3-A standard. (optional)

A variety of connection options are available such as SMS, RJT, DIN, ISO, Tri-Clamp and Flanges.