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JEC Pump – JRZP Features


JEC’s New ZP series are developed based on JEC’s proven expertise and accumulated knowledge in a field of sanitary pumps. Fully CIP’able, the ZP design meets the most stringent sanitary standards by adapting ZL’s Front Loading Seal system.

Hygienic Design

ZP series, fully complying EHEDG and 3-A requirements, offer a perfect CIP better than other major CP pumps and enables stable operation under severe condition of high discharge pressure through upgraded Front loading Seal design.

Alloy 88 Rotor

ZP rotors are made of alloy 88 nickel based non-galling. The close clearances combined with the rotor geometry, which gives a long sealing path between the pump inlet and outlet, means low slip operation.

(optional: stainless steel rotor)

Upgraded CIP

Upgraded balance type Front Loading Seal System offers reliable sealing and perfect CIP under pressure. Moreover, changing of seal is possible without disassembling of casing which realizes less down time.

Easy Fitting

Compared to other major CP pumps’ shim location, stainless steel shim being located between gearbox and casing makes easy fitting of rotor clearance.

Stainless Steel Gear Box

Standard stainless steel gear box made from precision casting (Lost Wax) offers paint free and long last durability and therefore yields high lifetime value.

Helical Timing Gears

The pump rotors are driven gently at less vibration and extended of pump efficiency and seal lifetime by a high- precision ground helical gear even under high speed and discharge pressure.

Advanced Bearing Design

Heavy-duty taper roller bearing and torque locking system allows stable operation under severe condition of high discharge pressure and provides easy maintenance.

Universal Mounting

To allow high flexibility when fitting the pump into a production line, pumps can be mounted with top/bottom shaft drive, vertical/horizontal in-outlet