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JEC Pump – JRZP Series Lobe Pump



ZP series are hydraulically and dimensionally same as Waukesha
U2 series and so, drop-in to replace U2 series are out of questions. Max

Compact seal design realizes short overhung length than other major CP pumps. It is a key feature which makes gentle operation even at high discharge pressure.

Stainless steel bearing oil seal cover for corrosion resistance ensures longer life under harsh cleaning condition.

A variety of seal options such as mechanical seal, lip seal. O-ring seal allow the pump to be easily adapted to changing conditions of service.

2 shaft keys on rotors provide gentle operation at high discharge pressure or external vibration.

Oil bath type lubrication provides more efficient lubrication than grease type.

A variety of connection options are available such as SMS, RJT, DIN, ISO, Tri-Clamp and Flanges.

Front cover jacket and casing jacket are available for products that require temperature control.