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On-line, production speed inspection for leaks, vacuum, pressure, physical defects, and fill level on rigid and flexible containers.

Advanced Control / Versatile Inspection

The TapTone 4000 is a versatile package inspection system capable of examining containers for leaks, fill level, vacuum and pressure, and physical defects. The system’s software gives users greater control over their product set-up and changeover, rejector set-up and alarms, and “last reject” values. The system combines an intuitive user interface, proven technology, and a long-standing record of high reliability, making the TapTone 4000 a cost effective solution for inspection of your plastic, metal, and glass containers.



Rapid on-line inspection: up to 2,000 containers per minute

Easy operation & product set-up using a large color touch screen and icon driven menus

Controlled access to system features with multi-level passwords

Combined inspections on a single controller: Up to 4 primary inspections (Acoustic, Proximity, X-ray, Laser)

Two Independent Reject Outputs for Container Sorting

Meets CE requirements

UL and CUL approved


Vacuum inspection on metal cans with sanitary or pull tab ends.

Vacuum inspection on glass jars with lug caps or pop button ends.

Pressure inspection on carbonated or LN2 dosed beverage can.

Vacuum/Pressure inspection in plastic containers with plastic closures or composite closures

Leak inspection on glass beer bottles with metal crowns

Fill height inspection on glass, metal and plastic containers.

Cooker protection.